Check Out The New Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 NASCAR Racer

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It will replace the current Camaro SS race car.

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is a tire-shredding track weapon, especially with the 1LE pack installed. So it was only a matter of time before it was converted into a race car to chase the competition. Chevrolet has revealed the new ZL1 race car it will be entering in the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, replacing the current Camaro SS racer, which will make its competition debut in February when the season starts in Daytona. It will race alongside NASCAR variants of the Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry when it hits the track next year.

Under the hood lies a similar 90-degree V8 engine as the road car, but the similarities end there. While the road-going Camaro ZL1 produces 650 horsepower, its race car sibling pumps out around 900 horses. Its aerodynamic performance has also been enhanced as the ZL1 race car was subjected to computational fluid dynamics analysis and thorough wind-tunnel testing by Chevrolet's engineers. "The new Camaro ZL1 is a great-looking race car with a lot of heritage behind it, which will make it a big hit with fans," said Seven-time Cup champion Jimmie Johnson. "And as someone who's enjoyed the ZL1 on the street, I'm really looking forward to getting this new race car on the track."

"Chevrolet, Camaro and ZL1 are all synonymous with winning, both on and off the track," said Mark Reuss, executive vice president of GM Global Product Development. "We are thrilled to run a Camaro in the NASCAR Cup Series next year, with the time-honored and track-tested ZL1 badge, and we're just as excited for our drivers, teams, fans and customers." The ZL1's heritage stems from oval track racing. During the 1960s, Chevrolet developed an all-aluminium engine designed for racing. Some dealers also used Chevrolet's special-order system to install the ZL1 engine into regular production Camaros.

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Today, you can walk into a dealer and buy a 2018 Camaro ZL1 capable of reaching a top speed of 198 mph and blitzing the Nurburgring in seven minutes and 16.04 seconds thanks to its 650-horsepower 6.2-liter supercharged V8. The Camaro SS Cup Car was first introduced in 2013 at a time when the race cars were designed to look closer to their road car counterparts. Since replacing the Impala, the Camaro SS has secured 70 Cup Series wins. No doubt the new ZL1 will continue Chevrolet's legacy as the most successful make in NASCAR history with a record 39 manufacturer titles including 13 consecutive titles from 2003-2015.

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