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The result of an internal competition, these designs are truly striking.

The G82 BMW M4 is almost here, but the F82 model - despite being discontinued as a series production model - is still alive and kicking, at least in GT4 competition. GT4 cars are racing variants of production models, and numerous manufacturers including BMW's closest rival, Mercedes-AMG, take part in various races in this format. Customer teams can purchase the GT4 race car from BMW and then finish it in any livery they choose, but BMW has now revealed four different designs of its own.

These are the result of an in-house design competition that 30 artists took part in. The submissions were judged by various executives from BMW, and the results are striking.


The first design - called Fractal Duality - is from Julia Quentin of BMW Motorrad Design in Munich. Her design is focused on large geometric shapes and the number "04". She explains her decision to take the design in this direction by saying that her work combines two of her "greatest passions, namely motorcycling and designing motorbikes." She continues by saying: "In my designs, I always consider how graphics and patterns can emphasize the sculptural geometry of an object. Adding details and colors can completely change and emotionalize a design. I love to create disruptive designs that convey a strong visual message." The result is something that looks like a mix of a pre-production test car with racing intentions.


Next up is Simon Haynes of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Design in Goodwood with a look called Vivid momentum. He works in the company's coachbuilding division, so it comes as no surprise that his design is a reinterpretation of a legendary BMW racing paint scheme from the 1970s. He explains his design by saying that "the concentric rings play with the original disc motif and radiate from the front wheel to the rear." He also says that his color-changing design highlights "the sense of speed" and give the vehicle a "forward-facing attitude." It's a bold look, but we're not too sure about the white accent over the front wheel arch.


The third look is called The Power of Four and comes from Wesselka Mandowa-Maier of Designworks in Los Angeles. This artist works with Mini Design and has been doing so for over a decade. As is clearly obvious, the coloring is inspired by that of the BMW M colors. The number four also plays a big role here, with the designer referencing the number's use in the M4 GT4 nameplate, as well as the fact that cars run on four wheels. According to the designer, "the classic BMW M colors are vibrant and powerful and give the vehicle additional energy."


The last design is from Li Tianyuan of BMW i Design in Munich. His design relies on influences from his home country, as he explains by saying: "My main inspiration was calligraphy and Chinese painting with the contrast of black and white and the perfect balance between elegance and power. The design of the vehicle is asymmetrical. Two goldfish, which in China stand for perfection and happiness, but also symbolize powerful movement with their caudal fins, swim in a circle around the driver from above and place him in the center."

This design reminds us of a video game and is very attractive, but which would you have? Or, is the new M4 GT3's livery below more to your liking? If you're interested in getting into GT4 racing in Germany, one of these limited-edition M4 race cars will set you back €174,000, or a little over $206,000. Nobody ever said racing was cheap.


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