Check Out The Volvo Rendering That Has Absolutely No Chance Of Production


Really, this one will remain a pipe dream.

In the past we've made it known that we dig small pickup trucks and utes. They're just cool, have personality, and a resurgence of this segment may in fact be on the horizon as evidenced by the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept revealed at Detroit earlier this month. It's essentially a small crossover with a truck bed, but Hyundai thinks it's on to something here with the belief this concept will appeal to young and outdoorsy buyers.

With that, perhaps Volvo should consider taking a crack at this possibly emerging segment as well. Rendering artist Theophilus Chin has created this pair of images showcasing the S60-based T60 pickup/ute. It does looks a bit funky without the rear doors but the overall thinking here is pretty solid. We doubt Volvo has any interest in something like this as it prefers to focus on more premium, mainstream cars and plug-in hybrids.

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