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Check Out These 5 Large SUVs You Can Get A Killer Deal On Right Now

Perhaps not such a dying breed after all.

We’ve all heard plenty about how three-row SUVs are horrible and will cause the Earth to literally explode. OK, perhaps that’s taking things a bit too far. But still, those who drive a Toyota Prius often have a deep-seated hatred of gas-guzzling SUVs. So here’s how you, SUV lovers of the world, can get revenge: buy one of these fine three-row SUVs. Well, two of them are true SUVs while the remaining three are large crossovers, but they’re still totally respectable.

Consumer Reports has just gathered this list of five large, three-row SUVs that currently have a 5 percent discount off the retail price in national incentives. Until the end of this month, each has a potential savings of over $1,000. They’re listed ahead in alphabetical order. Buick Enclave Dodge Durango Ford Expedition GMC Acadia Hyundai Santa Fe

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