Check Out These Awesome New Photos From The Set Of "Furious 8"

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Yes, there's a tank.

Another week, another update from the set of "Furious 8." It's pretty cool to see how director F. Gary Gray and his production team offer up regular updates from the set although the film isn't slated to be released until next April. So what's new today? Several images from the Iceland set showcasing a few pretty kick ass-looking customized vehicles. And yes, that's a tank. And a Lamborghini. And something called "Ice Ram Hobbs."

We don't the film's storyline as of yet, but we have seen previous clips of shooting take place in Havana, Cuba and Cleveland, Ohio. There's also a new rumor claiming that shooting will also take place in Russia. We'll know more about Furious 8 as its April 14, 2017 release date gets closer.

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