Check Out These Crazy Early Black Friday Deals On Luxury Cars

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One automaker is offering up to $16,000 in savings.

Black Friday is fast approaching, but some automakers are slashing their prices early this year. If you're in the market for a luxury car, Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar, Lexus, Lincoln, and Maserati are offering some substantial deals right now with savings up to $16,000 according to unadvertised dealer bulletins obtained by CarsDirect.

Acura, for example, is offering over $10,000 off the 2020 MDX. High-spec models are eligible for an $8,600 lease incentive that can be combined with a $1,500 conquest bonus for a total discount of $10,100 discount. Starting at $379 per month, the MDX also has some of the best leases available for a luxury model.

2019-2021 Acura MDX Front Angle View Acura
2019-2021 Acura MDX Rear Angle View Acura

When financing, BMW is offering some huge discounts for its 2021 models. The 2021 X7, for example, offers 1.9 percent APR for 60 months plus a $2,500 APR Bonus. You can also get an extra $1,000 discount if you already own a BMW or competitor car, bringing the total discount to $3,500 plus low-interest financing. Cadillac, on the other hand, is offering 0 percent financing for 72 months on every 2020 and 2021 model apart from the Escalade. A 2020 model also gives you a purchase bonus of up to $2,500.

Jaguar is also offering 0 percent APR for 72 months across its lineup. If you're in the market for a 2021 Jaguar F-Type, a secret discount slashes the price of the sports car by $10,000 for customers coming from a Jaguar or a competitor. This can be combined with a $6,000 purchase allowance, bringing the total savings to $16,000. Not bad at all.

2020-2021 BMW X7 Front View Driving BMW

As part of the annual December to Remember Sales event, Lexus is offering to cover up to $1,000 of your first least payment. Most models have a $700 incentive, but the 2020 Lexus LS gets the top discount. 2021 Lexus models are also eligible. Lexus Financial is also offering 0% across its entire lineup, including the 2021 Lexus IS.

Lincoln's new Wish List Sales Event also offers up to $1,200 toward your first month's lease payment on a 2020 Lincoln Navigator, while other models are available with discounts ranging between $500 and $900. Finally, Maserati is offering 1.49% APR for up to 84 months on 2020 models and a $12,000 lease incentive on the Quattroporte when coming from a competitor.

2020-2021 Lincoln Navigator Forward Vision Lincoln
2017-2021 Maserati Quattroporte Front View Driving Maserati
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2019-2021 Acura MDX Front Angle View
2019-2021 Acura MDX Rear Angle View
2020-2021 BMW X7 Front View Driving

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