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Check Out These New Tesla Roadster Fighters

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These two stunning concepts debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show.

While early modern electric cars were awkwardly-styled hatchbacks like the GM EV1 or the original Nissan Leaf, Tesla's rise not only popularized electric car ownership for the masses, but it also forced automakers to be more conscious of visual design when developing EVs. This has not only led everyday electric vehicles to become better looking, but it has spawned new segments of jaw-dropping EV supercars and luxury sports cars, like the Pininfarina Battista. At the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show, two Chinese automakers showed off their latest attempts at filling the trendy electric sports car niche.

First up, the BYD E-Seed Concept. Penned by former Audi and Italdesign design boss Wolfgang Egger, now global design director at EV-maker BYD, this supercar concept is a departure from the electric crossovers that the company typically produces. Egger, who designed the sensual Alfa Romeo 8C, was assisted by global exterior design director JuanMa Lopez, formerly of Ferrari, and Michele Jauch-Paganetti, who used to run Mercedes' specialist interior studio in Lake Como, Italy. With that kind of talent, it's no surprise that the E-Seed is a stunning concept. Featuring gullwing doors, classic proportions, and an interior with three screens and a retractable steering wheel, the E-Seed was created as a design study with no intentions for production.

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While BYD is relatively established in China and has worked on commercial vehicles worldwide, the second concept comes from a lesser-known Chinese company: Enovate. The company has so far released one car, the ME7 electric crossover, and was founded by a group of former SAIC-Volkswagen and GM China workers. The company's new concept car, the ME-S, features a sleek design that appears to be inspired by Tesla and the Porsche Panamera. Featuring the hallmarks of current EV design such as full-width light bars at the front and rear and a fastback roofline, the ME-S is aiming to do the 60 mph sprint in around three seconds when it heads to production in 2021.

Which Shanghai EV sports car debut is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.