Check Out These Three Special Pastel Bentley Continental GTCs

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They come in blue, green, and pink!

Last year, a California Aston Martin dealership ordered five cars finished in bright pastel colors as part of a special "Pastel Collection." Now it is Bentley's turn to get in on the action with a trio of cars ordered by Bentley Beverley Hills. The three cars are based on the Bentley Continental GTC, finished in special pastel hues from the Mulliner division. These colors hark back to the 1920s, the golden age of Hollywood.

"Beverly Hills has always been the epitome of glamour, particularly during Hollywood's Golden Age," said Danika Quinn, Bentley Brand Manager. "This collection is a nod to the bygone era of Old Hollywood encapsulating the spirit of that time; bold white wall tires, soft color palettes, and unique designs that illustrate the 'class' of classic cars."

Bentley Bentley Bentley

"The experts at Bentley Mulliner brought my vision to life and helped curate a masterpiece collection for Bentley Beverly Hills that not only exemplifies the allure and grandeur of yesteryear, but also one that highlights the refinement and grace of modern-day Bentley craftsmanship," added Quinn.

The first of the three cars is finished in Jetstream II Blue for both the bodywork and 22-inch wheels. Inside, the blue car features a Linen main hide with an Imperial Blue secondary hide. The interior is adorned with Piano Linen and Imperial Blue dual veneer, and as a special touch, the door sills read 'The Beverly Hills' in 1930s typeface.

Bentley Bentley Bentley

The second car is similar to the first, but the blue is replaced by Sage Green, which seems similar to the color of a good pistachio gelato. Inside, the green Continental GTC is lined in Cumbrian Green and Linen leather finished in the same pattern as the blue car.

The final car is the boldest of the three, finished in Hollywood Blush Pink. Even the wheels are finished in pink, but unlike the other two, this car gets an alternate interior wrapped in Linen and deep red Cricketball hides. Perhaps a pink interior would have just been too much for any buyer besides Paris Hilton or Barbie.

Bentley Bentley Bentley

All three cars are based on the Continental GTC Speed, meaning they come with a 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 that's tuned to produce 650 horsepower. 0-60 mph takes just 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 208 mph. Bentley Beverley Hills wanted to show off what is possible from the Mulliner personal commissioning process. The UK automaker says special paint orders have doubled since 2020 and personal commissions have tripled, so the wealthy are certainly happy to spend big on personalization when the quality of work is impeccable. With amazing colors like these pastels, why would anyone settle for a boring silver car off the lot?

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