Check Out This C7 Vs C8 Corvette Side-By-Side Comparison

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Are they really that similar?

Last week, the mid-engined C8 Corvette was in the news but not for the best reason. Instead of premiering, as originally rumored, next month at Detroit, the C8 has reportedly been delayed six months due to the discovery of a last-minute electrical problem. A summertime unveiling is now expected though Chevrolet has not confirmed this as of yet. However, that hasn't stopped us or anyone else from talking about the first-ever mid-engined production Corvette. It's a pretty big deal.

Thanks to plenty of recent spy shots, we have an excellent idea what the new car will look like, and so MidEngineCorvette Forum has created this image comparing the C8's measurements against the current C7 Z06. To properly understand this image, the C8 lines are in green while the C7's are red.

The forum claims the C8's dimensions were taken from tons of spy shots, so nothing here is 100 percent precise, but we can still get a basic idea. Delving in, it appears the C8 is a bit longer than the C7, though the wheelbase, measuring at 106.7 inches, is expected to be roughly the same. The C8, however, will be slightly shorter than the C7's 48.6-inch height due in part to its raked windshield.

But if this image is mostly accurate, then that means the C8's dimensions are very similar to those of the Ferrari 488 GTB and Ford GT. The C8, therefore, will be lower, longer, and wider than the C7. The 488, for example, has a length of 179 inches, 77.5-inch width, and a height of 48 inches.


The C7, to compare, measures in at 176.9 inches, 73.9-inch width, and is 48.6-inches tall. Also expect the C8 to be faster and powerful, too. Although it will initially come powered by the same 460 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque V8 found in the C7, output will reportedly increase to around 500 hp, and that's only the beginning.

Future C8 variants will take advantage of electrification and, along with a rumored new V8, will boast upwards of 1,000 hp. Based on this, it sure sounds like Chevrolet will launch a Ferrari fighter next summer.


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