Check Out This Crash Test of a Super Rare Vector W8

Watch a masterpiece get slammed into a wall in the name of safety.

Crash tests are one thing that can make any car guy cringe. We all know by now that the US requires for every car to go through extensive testing, no matter how rare or expensive. It is difficult to watch these works of automotive art get slammed into a wall in slow motion, and even more so when they're incredibly rare. And that's exactly what we have here. The testing of a Vector W8. If you haven't heard of this super car, you aren't alone.

They were produced for three years from 1990-1993, with just 22 examples built. The W8 was ahead of its time. It was a strange combination of Italian exotic and American stock car.

With amazing looks powered by a twin turbo Chevy 350, it was truly an original. It produced an advertised 650hp on 8lbs of boost, but an insane 1200hp on 14lbs. The body was all carbon fiber and Kevlar, and as you can see from the crash test, the car handled it quite well. The W8 even reached 242 mph at Bonneville and was declared the fastest production supercar in the world by Road & Track at one time. While it's hard to watch such a masterpiece get destroyed, one should at least remember and appreciate the engineering that went into this amazing car.

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