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Check Out This Damaged Bugatti Veyron

Fixing any Bugatti is never going to be cheap.

When it comes to making repairs of any kind to a Bugatti Veyron, don’t expect the work to come cheap. After all, this is a Bugatti Veyron we’re talking about here. The over $1 million hyper car is exclusive to the rich and famous, so we really doubt there’ll be a problem paying the bill. However, just seeing a damaged Veyron is not a pretty sight. If you haven’t see one scarred before, well, here’s your chance. Our friend and car spotter Marchettino recently attended the Bugatti Grand Tour.

One of the cars that showed up had some noticeable body damage on the right side. It looks as though someone sideswiped the thing. Marchettino doesn’t know exactly how it happened, but we’re sure this is going to be one nasty repair bill.

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