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The Ford F-150 is an almost universally loved truck. It does just about anything you could ask it to, and if you get a Raptor, it'll do anything off-road and do it fast. However, there was a time when US automakers produced performance trucks for the road, and the SVT Lightning was one such lovely machine. Another was the GMC Syclone, but today, we're hankering after a fast truck with the Blue Oval more than ever. This is because serial redesigner Marouane Bembli, a.k.a. "The Sketch Monkey" on YouTube has taken today's F-150 and turned it into a stunning, modern, high-performance truck.


In the video, Bembli starts out with a crew-cab F-150, since that's all you can get these days, and cuts it down to a single-cab. In doing so, the wheelbase needs to be shortened to give the truck the sporty look that he's after and to make it as close to the original as possible. He also adds the Raptor's aggressive grille, which we imagine would definitely be seen on a production version of the Lightning if such a thing were ever to come about in the modern era. Below this, a new bumper with a honeycomb grille and an integrated splitter adds even more of a sporty look to the big truck.

YouTube/TheSketchMonkey YouTube/TheSketchMonkey YouTube/TheSketchMonkey

As Bembli concedes, a vehicle like this has no need for lofty suspension, so the ride height is lowered considerably. As any person who modifies cars will tell you, lowering a vehicle must be accompanied by a stylish set of wheels, so some monoblock rims are shoved into the arches wrapped in some low-profile yet very wide rubber. The overall look is remarkably well-adjusted and looks like something you might find on a showroom floor, but that's to be expected. In the past, Bembli has also made a modern El Camino Hellcat. While we don't know what The Sketch Monkey will come up with next, we hope manufacturers start taking notice of his ideas and put some of them into production - starting with this modern SVT Lightning.

YouTube/TheSketchMonkey YouTube/TheSketchMonkey YouTube/TheSketchMonkey

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