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This Is How To Transform A BMW 1 Series Into A BMW 2002

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The retro design looks superb on the baby Bimmer.

Ever since the turn of the century, the automotive industry has been entranced by retro design. From the Volkswagen New Beetle to the revived Mini Cooper and fifth-generation Chevy Camaro, automakers around the world have been harkening back to their greatest hits when looking for design inspiration for their 21st-century vehicles. The past also inspired concept car design, and BMW became one of the leaders in retro concept designs with its Hommage series that looked back to such legends such as the M1 and 3.0 CSL. The latest retro BMW design doesn't actually come from BMW, but instead from a German company called Everytimer Automobile.

Everytimer Automobile's creation, which it dubbed the ETA 02 Cabrio, is based on the BMW 1 Series Convertible E88, which ended production in 2011. Everytimer draped a carbon fiber body shell that references the 2002, one of BMW's most iconic and popular vehicles of all time, over the modern Bimmer's mechanicals. Every panel on the ETA 02 is new save for the A-pillar, windshield, and hard-top roof, mostly likely retained to preserve the car's structural integrity. The company also plans to swap in retro gauges for the dashboard as well as alternate interior fabrics.

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While the ETA 02 comes off as a bit chunky, the face is pure 2002 with thin kidney grilles flanked by circular headlights, although they are now filled with bi-xenon bulbs. The high-mounted orange turning light and trim piece running down the side of the car directly echo the original. The rear end's round taillights are reminiscent of the 2002's tiny taillamps, although they consist of LEDs instead of the old-school tungsten lamps. There is no price announced yet, but considering that it's a bespoke design, the sky is most likely the limit.