Check Out Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s New Livery While He Gets Sideways On Ice

Not actually part of Formula D, but possibly better.

When you're a professional drifter with a new car for a new season of Formula D, we imagine that it must feel quite important to show it off to the public for the first time in a particularly dramatic way. And that is indeed what Vaughn Gittin Jr. has done in order to show off his new livery for 2015: he shot a video of some ice drifting in his Mustang RTR. He says that this is the first time he's ever driven on studs, or done any serious drifting on ice, with some 800 studs fitted to his Nitto tires.

The car is in fact a prototype, one of a kind and still being shaken down in preparation for the next season, but hey, new liveries are fun.

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