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Cheeky BMW X2 Advert Takes Aim At Mercedes GLA

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Your move, Mercedes.

We can't help but love it when automakers use adverts as an opportunity to take potshots at the competition. Tesla has often been the target of such aggressive advertising, with both Hyundai and Audi firing shots at Elon Musk in recent billboard adverts. Let's also not forget Ford's ballsy advertising campaign that directly compared the mighty Mustang to the Dodge Challenger. This time, however, BMW has Mercedes firmly in its sights.

A new commercial for the BMW X2 has been posted on the automaker's Instagram, and it takes a not-so-subtle stab at the crossover's main rival, the Mercedes GLA. In the advert, a golden BMW X2 pulls up in front of a row of black Mercedes GLAs with the owner blaring a song with the lyrics "I Know Why You Mad When You See Me!" before literally dropping the mic in front of the GLA. It ends with the caption: "A real star rolls out in gold. Be the one who dares. The first-ever #BMW #X2." It's only a few seconds long, but effectively promotes the X2 as a cheeky crossover with youthful looks and an attitude that BMW hopes will entice younger buyers.

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Positioned between the X1 and X3, the X2 is BMW's attempt to capitalize on the increasingly popular small crossover segment. It's powered by a turbocharged inline-four engine good for 228 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. BMW may have the advantage right now with the newly-launched X2, but Mercedes will soon come back fighting with a next-generation GLA based on the new A-Class, which is expected to arrive in 2019. Let's hope Mercedes gets its own back with a similar advertising campaign that slings some mud back at BMW.