Cherokee and Wrangler: Sales Rivals?

It may have unusual front-end styling but the new Cherokee is proving to be a popular seller.

Chrysler’s Jeep brand is red hot these days with sales surging in both the US and abroad. The Grand Cherokee has always been a solid seller and the classic Wrangler continues to be insanely popular across the globe. Only now there’s a new model in town, and it’s actually proving to be a sales competitor to the Wrangler. Although it’s only been on the market for a full month, it appears that dealers are bracing for a second straight month of sales success.

According to a report from Automotive News and Autoblog, Jeep dealers sold some 10,169 Cherokees in November. For comparison, 11,753 Wranglers and 14,798 Grand Cherokees were sold during the same time. If this sales trend continues, then it’s possible Cherokee sales will increase and maybe even surpass its brand siblings in the very near future. The old Jeep Liberty didn’t even sell 7,900 units a month in its final four years on the market. That’s just one example of how popular the new Cherokee is so far proving to be, despite its goofy-looking front end.

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