Cherokee Was Just The Start: Evolved Jeep Styling Is Coming

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If you hate the Cherokee's front end, then you're out of luck.

This is something that could go either way. On the one hand, it's good that Jeep wants to, in CEO Mike Manley's words, "be more flexible" in terms of styling. But what he absolutely made clear, to the huge collective sigh of relief from enthusiasts, is that "the Wrangler is non-negotiable. It's the car that has a look that is absolutely iconic and not to be messed with, but beyond that we can be more flexible." So, what about the design of the upcoming and revived Grand Wagoneer, due in 2018?

That's a great question and what Manley is hinting at here is that Jeep is willing to take design chances with every model with the sole exception of the Wrangler. It's already proven this with the new Cherokee and its controversial front end styling. "Now I think we can do different looks with different cars," Manley continued. "We have plans; the cars will be instantly recognizable as Jeeps, but the looks will evolve – you'll start to see how flexible we can be."

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