Chevrolet Bolt And Volt Attempt To Electrify Detroit

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One's a concept, the other a production model. Both have dumb names.

The completely redesigned second generation Chevrolet Volt is having its official debut here in the Motor City, and response so far has been pretty darn decent. The 2016 Volt's styling is definitely better than the first gen car, despite a few similarities to some Hondas or Kias. In our opinion it's the interior that's the biggest improvement this time around. Hands-down it has a more premium look and feel and doesn't look so much like the old iPod Classic.

With greater EV driving range and a general overall improvement, Chevy may have finally gotten just about everything right with the new Volt. And then there's the Bolt Concept, a pure EV that in production form intends to compete with Tesla's upcoming Model E entry-level model. Thing is, we think the Bolt looks too much like a BMW i3. We were honestly hoping GM's first realistic EV wouldn't look like a bloated hatchback. Oh well. Tesla, we know you can do better.

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