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Chevrolet Builds A Two-Seater Bolt EV, But It's Not What You Think

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Bolt 'Incomplete' model is a barebones-spec car with rear seats deleted for commercial fleets.

Chevrolet builds and sells countless stripped-down fleet vehicles and chassis-cab trucks to commercial customers all over the world, but it looks like the brand will add its smallest and greenest car to fleet order lists next month, too. Database detective Bozi Tatarevic, reporting on the new "Incomplete" trim for Jalopnik, discovered documents detailing rear-seat delete versions of the Chevrolet Bolt in the murky backwaters of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

The new option was confirmed by GM, stating, "This is a new way for fleet customers to leverage the Bolt EV's incredible range." The two-seater models will be available for order beginning March 10 based on GM fleet order guides uncovered by ChevyBolt.org, which also confirmed specifically deleted airbags and a lack of amenities. Chevy Bolt Incomplete models come with 16-inch steel wheels wrapped in 205/55R16 all-season tires, and cannot be ordered with the normal Comfort and Convenience or Driver Confidence Packages.

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This new Bolt EV model could act as a second-gen Domino's DXP, a Chevy Spark that housed a completely customized rear compartment used for keeping pizzas hot on their way to your door. Those vehicles, after coming off the assembly line, are modified for the job by Roush, the same company that builds high-powered Mustangs and fields a NASCAR team. These fleet-friendly Bolt EVs will roll out of GM's Orion, MI, assembly plant, then head to Knapheide Truck Equipment in Flint, a company that fabricates truck bodies for a variety of specialized tasks and trades, for custom outfitting. The Bolt's 238-mile range and basic mechanicals are not likely to change.

While it may start off cheaper because of the unfinished interior, the custom fabrication of a proper purpose-built commercial vehicle will not come cheap, but it will no doubt be popular in areas with incentives and tax breaks for EVs. GM is optimistic about the Bolt's increasing popularity, as CEO Mary Barra recently announced the company plans to increase production of the small EV to meet global demand. Serving fleet customers will no doubt account for some incremental volume. She also suggested more Bolt EV variants are on the horizon. "And there is more to come because the Bolt EV is our platform providing a window into our all-electric and self-driving future," she said.

GM needs to fast track alternate body styles on the Bolt platform to make the most of the huge investment it made for its development. The Bolt Incomplete is just the beginning.