Chevrolet Camaro AWD With Massive Turbos Is A Drag Strip Monster

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The car was put to the test at the Santa Pod Raceway to see how it fares on a quarter-mile strip.

Muscle cars are typically rear-wheel-drive (RWD), but this particular 1968 Chevrolet Camaro breaks the norm with an all-wheel-drive (AWD) system and a unique twin-turbo setup. How does this translate over a quarter-mile sprint? YouTube channel 1320video takes us to the Santa Pod Raceway to find out.

Not even the Camaro's long hood allowed the twin 88mm turbochargers into this build. The hood had to be cut to shoehorn the massive turbochargers, but at least the look adds to the list of unique bits about this muscle car.

1320Video/YouTube 1320Video/YouTube 1320Video/YouTube

Power is sent from a Chevy small block to all four wheels via a TH400 drag racing transmission. On the dyno, the car registered a whopping 2,000 horsepower, joining the 2,000 hp club with the twin-turbo Chevy Bubble Top Impala we saw before.

The goal for the quarter-mile run was anything under 7.5 seconds. For the first attempt, the '68 Camaro clocked 8.1 seconds at 172 mph, which was quite far from the objective, but the owner was still optimistic. The following attempt saw an Audi TT smoke the Camaro, with the latter posting the same time and speed as the first run.

1320Video/YouTube 1320Video/YouTube 1320Video/YouTube

On the third attempt, the run was quite bad, finishing in 8.3 seconds at 179 mph. According to the driver, the tune was too soft, but remained optimistic that the right setup would help achieve their goal. They just had to find the right balance for the launch control and nitro settings.

While the next attempt the following day saw a weekend best of 7.8 seconds at 187 mph, the team had to call it a day earlier than they would've wanted to after the rear end broke mid-race. The final time recorded was still 8.4 seconds at 191 mph with a broken differential, allowing the one-of-a-kind Camaro to go out with a bang.

1320Video/YouTube 1320Video/YouTube 1320Video/YouTube

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