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Chevrolet Camaro Manual Option Is Dead Before Arrival

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In Australia, that is.

Now that the Holden Commodore is a goner in the country that created and built it for decades, Australia no longer has a GM muscle sedan. It's a shame, really, but fortunately the current sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro will soon be sold Down Under. So there's that. However, as Australia's Wheels is now reporting, Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) has confirmed the Camaro will not be offered with a six-speed manual transmission. Instead, the eight-speed automatic will be the sole gearbox option for the Australian-spec Camaro.

Earlier reports suggested that the six-speed manual would be offered, but clearly that's no longer the case, and here's the probable reason why: conversion costs. You see, HSV will soon begin converting imported left-hand drive Camaros to right-hand drive for the Australian market. The Camaro's arch rival, the Ford Mustang, however, is built with right-hand drive directly at the factory. This Camaro conversion is also not cheap to do, adding an estimated $30,000 AUD to the price tag. This means Australians will have to shell out at least $90,000 AUD (around $68,000 USD) for a new Camaro. GM and HSV are likely sticking with just one transmission in order to keep costs down on an already expensive vehicle.

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Wheels also adds the Australian market Camaro may not be quite as powerful as its North American counterpart. Though final specs have yet to be released, the HSV Camaro 2SS will have 442 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque. In the US, that 6.2-liter V8 produces 450 hp. Not a big difference, but still. For the time being, the Camaro 2SS will be the sole trim available, but GM has registered the ZL1 trademark in Australia as well.