Chevrolet Camaro SS Goes From 0-100MPH-0 In Spectacular Fashion

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Will it stop in time?

This might not be as quick as Hennessey's incredible 751-hp Camaro HPE600, but even in stock form the Camaro SS has been known to catch owners out. Remember when the police clocked these guys going 171 mph in Minnesota? While you should be familiar with how capable the Camaro SS is in terms of outright speed, perhaps you weren't aware just how potent a stopping machine the General's latest American muscle car is.

Chevrolet claims the Camaro SS can sprint from zero to 100 mph and back to zero in 313 meters, besting its closest rival by 100 meters.

Proving this in spectacular fashion, Chevrolet Arabia lined up the muscle car on the Skydive Dubai Runway, giving it exactly 313 meters of road to get the job done. Check out the video, courtesy of our friends at, to see whether the Camaro SS can stop as well as it claims or whether it ends up at the bottom of the sea.

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