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Chevrolet Camaro V8 May Get A Price Cut Because It's Too Expensive

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Conveniently so, a mid-life refresh is just around the corner.

Chevrolet is currently working on a refreshed Camaro which could debut as early as next month at Detroit. While the changes we're expecting will keep GM's sole remaining muscle car competitive against the also recently updated Ford Mustang, GM Authority has also learned the automaker is looking at ways to repackage and, therefore, lower its price tag. The V8 Camaro in particular is a main focus. "We're looking at a lot of different options," said Todd Christensen of Chevrolet Performance Marketing.

"(Getting the V8 price down) may be one way to make the middle of the market grow a bit more. The middle of the market is where we could spend a little more time." For example, the current 455-hp Camaro SS begins at $37,995, whereas the 460-hp Mustang GT starts at just over $35,000. Meanwhile, the base V8 Dodge Challenger with 355-hp starts at $32,995. But for $38,995, you can get the more powerful 485-hp Challenger T/A. Given that pricing and output, you can see Chevy's desire to make the Camaro V8 a bit more affordable. "When we had Gen. 5 (Camaro), we sold a lot of V6 engines. And we went into Gen. 6 kind of thinking the same way, but V8 demand has been higher than what we expected.

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"We still sell more V6s, but now there's something about that V8 that's capturing hearts a little bit more," Christensen added. That strong V8 demand is clearly a good thing for muscle car fans, but the Camaro V8, as it is currently, no longer has the right output/pricing calculation, as evidenced by the above comparisons. Christensen also added some attention will be given to the turbo four Camaro as well, without going into specifics.