Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison Pricing Revealed Along With Two New Special Editions

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There are Ford Rangers and Jeep Wrangler Rubicons to battle.

The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is already an extremely capable off-road mid-size pickup truck, as we well know. However, there's always room for improvement and the ZR2 Bison is one way of doing just that. As part of Chevrolet's first collaboration with off-road aftermarket tuning firm American Expedition Vehicles (AEV), the ZR2 Bison is ideal not just for regular off-roading but also overland travel.

And now official pricing has been released. The 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison will carry a starting price tag of $48,045 including destination. That will get you the extended cab V6 model but you'll have to shell out $49,645 for the crew cab.


Do the math and you'll see the ZR2 Bison adds $5,700 to the price of the ZR2. Then again, you'll be getting add-ons such as Boron steel-constructed skid plates that cover the fuel tank, oil pan, transfer case and front and rear locking differentials. The front and rear bumpers are also made of steel. One of the most dramatic visual changes that we wholeheartedly approve of is the flow-through "CHEVROLET" lettered grille, $395 feature even available on the base 2x4 Colorado. With all of those features, it's quite clear Chevy and AEV have one very clear target in mind: the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

"Although they play different roles, and are for different customers, a fully loaded Rubicon with similar levels of capability and equipment will be over $50,000," said Dave Harriton, president and founder of AEV. "However, when looking at other factory off-road vehicles on the market, the ZR2 Bison is unmatched for all-around versatility."


Chevrolet has also revealed a pair of new Colorado (non-ZR2) special editions, shown below, just in time to celebrate the latest generation's four-year anniversary. First up is the Colorado Z71 Trailer Runner, which starts with the Z71 package, featuring an off-road suspension, automatic locking rear differential, and unique 17-inch painted wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires. The Z71 Trail Runner adds more off-road protection like the ZR2's front and mid skid plates, rocker protection, and standard 17-inch Goodyear Duratec tires.

The second new Colorado trim is the RST, based on the LT trim, and it adds monochromatic exterior offset with black beltline and body side moldings, black tailgate bowtie, and unique badges. Best of all, the RST is the first Colorado to offer 20-inch wheels.

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