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Not at all controversial.

Lamborghini has done it and Ferrari is currently working on one, so why not Chevrolet in regards to its Corvette? The high-performance SUV, kicked off by the Porsche Cayenne several years ago, is nothing new but the segment is growing rapidly. Heck, even Aston Martin is about to launch its DBX. Next month, Ford will unveil its "Mustang-inspired" all-electric crossover. Should Chevrolet do the same by expanding the Corvette brand?

The Detroit Free Press has an update on this subject following a comment made by none other than GM CEO Mary Barra. Speaking during the automaker's third-quarter earnings call with industry analysts, one analyst directly asked Barra about a potential Corvette SUV and she didn't outright deny one is in the works.

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"I appreciate that you think our Corvette franchise is very strong" and further added the carmaker will "look at a variety of things as we go forward and we recognize the strength of the Corvette brand." Translation: Chevrolet is probably up to something regarding a Corvette brand expansion.

An SUV variant of some sort is the most likely option given that the all-new 2020 Corvette appears to be a world-class high-performance sports car, dare we say even a supercar; it'd make complete sense for Chevy to further cash in on the Corvette brand. Even GM's former vice president of product and serious car guy Bob Lutz recently came out in favor of a Corvette SUV.

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"The Corvette brand has unlimited daylight on the upside. If I were there, what I would do is develop a dedicated architecture, super lightweight, super powerful, Porsche Cayenne-like, only much better and a little bigger, medium-volume Corvette SUV. Target worldwide 20,000 to 30,000 units, and price it starting at $100,000. Gorgeous interior. No V-6 powertrain. No low-end version. It has to be the stellar premium sport-utility made in the United States, and the Corvette brand could pull that off."

Leveraging the Corvette brand makes sense though nothing is 100 percent official at this time. But say if a Corvette SUV does arrive, would it be powered by a V8? Or, perhaps, be all-electric? These questions, and many others, are probably being discussed right now by Barra and her top executives.

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