Chevrolet Corvette Sedan Coming In 2025 With EV Power

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We're getting flashbacks from the Mustang Mach-E.

To many Americans, the upcoming Corvette EV is blasphemy of the highest order.

Even the hybrid E-Ray is a bitter pill to swallow. For proof, look no further than the comments section of our report on Chevy's Corvette hybrid burning to the ground in Southern Europe.

There might be some good news about the Corvette EV, however. Chevrolet will still build it. At this point, an EV Corvette is inevitable. But according to Muscle Cars & Trucks, it will not be in the shape of a 'Vette.

Instead of adapting the current mid-engine architecture, Chevrolet will wait until the C9 generation to build an EV Corvette. Until then, it will use the beloved nomenclature on an all-electric performance sedan meant to go head-to-head with the Porsche Taycan.


That's right, folks. Chevrolet is borrowing an idea from Ford. Take your most iconic name and use it to sell an all-new product. It worked for the Mustang Mach-E, so the same strategy should work for a Corvette EV sedan.

This is not the first time we've heard murmurings about this strategy. Last year there were rumors regarding a Corvette SUV, but that seems to have been pushed back a few years. GM obviously won't comment on an upcoming product, but there's an easy explanation as to why the idea has been dumped for now.

Chevrolet recently launched the Blazer EV, a direct rival to the Mach-E. GM also has the upper reaches of the EV market covered with the Lyriq and the upcoming Celestiq. Another product in the mix would obviously result in cannibalized sales.

Muscle Cars & Trucks also says the EV Camaro is a pipe dream. It's not in the cards as GM needs a more valuable brand name to sell EVs. It makes sense to us, considering we're looking at vehicles that will likely retail for more than $100k. Spending that much on a Corvette is mentally easier than dropping six digits on a Camaro.

The Corvette EV sedan might arrive as soon as 2025. That might seem too short a period to develop an entire car, but GM won't have to. The Chevrolet EV sedan can easily use the same platform as the Blazer EV but with Vette-like styling on top.

We also know that GM Ultium EV technology is available in multiple configurations and can push out as much as 1,000 horsepower. Perhaps President Biden was correct when he said the Corvette EV will hit 200 mph?

Will the car-buying audience be more susceptible to a Corvette EV sedan than an electrified C8? Only time and sales figures will tell.

Source Credits: Muscle Cars & Trucks

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