Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Gets Upgraded Interior To Compete With Europe's Best

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American tuning house has given world-class sports car the cabin it deserves.

The C7 generation Chevy Corvette, especially in Z06 or ZR1 guise, has proven itself to be a world-class sports car capable of taking on the best Europe has to offer. Put the Z06 on any race track and it will likely keep up with cars costing three times as much. Put it on a trip to Rodeo drive, however, and it becomes apparent that the Corvette is a bit lacking in terms of luxury.

Despite GM's best efforts, the interior of the Corvette still feels cheap on the inside compared to some European sports cars. Many tuning companies focus on giving the Corvette even more power, but one company has placed the emphasis on turning the Corvette into a more quality product from the inside.

The company is called Caravaggio Corvettes, a tuner that specializes in building custom Corvettes and Corvette parts. Caravaggio has just released its take on the C7 generation Corvette Z06 with some European flavor on the interior and exterior. The result is a custom car that looks better equipped to battle the leather-clad sports cars from Europe.

Caravaggio has shown off two Z06 models in black and silver, each with unique custom interiors. The silver car is paired with a Bengalot (red) leather interior while the black car has a Linen (white) leather interior. Both interiors are a huge step up from the base GM materials.

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Inside, the standard seats have been replaced with custom Sebring race seats wrapped in leather with a carbon fiber shell. Throughout the cabin, Caravaggio has added leather and carbon fiber on the dash, steering wheel, and door panels, without falling into the trap of looking tacky.

Caravaggio has also made changes to the car's aero with a custom carbon fiber aero kit that matches the carbon fiber on the interior. The looks are capped off with custom knock-off wheels - 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear - with custom painted brake calipers. Even the headlights have been painted to give the Z06 a new look, which we think is reminiscent of the Ferrari FF.

Don't think that Caravaggio has skimped on performance either because the company has increased the Z06's power from 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque to 730 hp and 730lb-ft of torque through the installation of underdrive pulleys, proprietary engine management, a cold air intake, and stainless steel long tube headers. More than many of the tuned Corvettes we have seen in the past, this Caravaggio car looks like it could be the best blend of European luxury and American horsepower.

As you might expect, all of these materials don't come cheap. Caravaggio quotes a cost of $19,500 for all of the carbon fiber and exterior work on the black car and $26,500 on the silver car. All of that leather and carbon fiber on the interior costs $28,500 on the black car and $32,500 on the silver car. Wheels and tires add another $12,500 and the increased engine output adds $7,500.

All in, these luxury Vettes will cost anywhere from $68,000 to $79,000, in addition to the cost of the Z06 itself. A 2018 Z06 starts at $79,495, so the Caravaggio job can essentially double the price of the car. This does potentially eliminate the Corvette's price advantage over a European sports car, but it does help put it on the same playing field in terms of luxury.

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