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Chevrolet Desperately Wants To Sell Corvette Owners A New C7

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Discounts always help, or do they?

We all know the C7 Corvette's time is limited. Very limited, actually. Word has it the last day of C7 production is due to take place next week, June 23. This week is the claimed deadline to place an order for one of the last C7s ever built. However, there are still plenty left on dealership lots and Chevrolet is anxious to sell as many as possible before its mid-engined C8 replacement is due to arrive. GM Authority has discovered Chevy is offering attractive nationwide discounts for current Corvette owners, many of whom reportedly canceled their C7 orders for – you guessed it – a new C8.

Perhaps that one of the reasons why C7 sales were down by 12 percent in the first business quarter of this year. Aside from a new eight-speed automatic transmission, the C7 Stingray has not received any significant upgrades since its 2014 launch, further highlighting its age compared to its competitors.

But Chevy is doing its darndest to sell as many C7s as possible before next month's big reveal. For this month, the nationwide Corvette offers are as follows:

• 2018 Corvette Base: 0 percent APR (interest-free) for 72 months when financing with GM Financial

• 2019 Corvette: $3,000 loyalty discount for current Corvette owners

To further clarify, that $3k loyalty discount applies only to Corvettes from model year 2005 and up. And yes, there are still leftover 2018 C7s still hanging around, unwanted apparently. If one were to apply the $3k discount to a 2019 Corvette ZR1, the new starting price would become $118,995 while the base trim Stingray 1LT would drop to $53,995.

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And in case you're wondering, it appears the loyalty discount applies to all C7 variants, not just the Stingray. That means the Stingray Z51, Grand Sport, Z06, and ZR1 are all eligible. Cool. These discount offers expire at the end of this month, but there's a chance they'll continue because they've been offered since April. In fact, given the C8's July 18 reveal, we wouldn't rule out the possibility of Chevy somehow sweetening the C7 offers somehow. We'll see. Also worth noting is just how many 2019 C7s are still in stock these days. According to einventorynow.com, 7,045 units remain unsold. There are less than 98 unsold 2018 models.