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Chevrolet Eager To Ditch All Things C7 Corvette

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Not only unsold C7s.

In less than one month, the all-new C8 Corvette will be shown to the world for the first time, sans any camouflage. It's a pretty big deal. We still don't know when exactly it'll go on sale, but Chevrolet is eager to dilute its stock of C7s first. We've already reported on some killer deals the automaker is currently offering, but GM Authority has discovered there are more C7-related items Chevy is desperate to get rid of. The carmaker is currently offering between 30 and 50 percent off some Corvette accessories through its online accessory store.

Sounds good, right? Of course, but it's vital to know this: the offers are only available for online orders placed through July 1, this coming Monday. As of right now, we don't know whether the sale prices will be extended or, maybe, improved.

Chances are Chevy won't revert back to their regular price tags for long. Also happening this month, Chevy is reducing the price tags for all new C7 Corvettes by $3,000. Given that the C8 is already generating a lot of buzz and deposits will start pouring in the moment after it's revealed, we don't see why C7 sale prices won't continue. But back to those accessories. A number of items, such as an instrument panel emblem in chrome with Stingray script, a blade spoiler kit in Watkins Glen Gray Metallic, and Front Carpeted Floor Mats in Gray with Stingray logo are 50% off.

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Even some more expensive bits, such as a convertible windscreen (originally $696) is discounted by 30%. Or, how about a Z06 Style Spoiler kit in Watkins Glen Gray Metallic? Instead of $950 it's now $570. Go to Chevrolet's official website to check out the complete list of on sale accessories.