Chevrolet FNR-X Concept Changes Its Performance Based On Your Mood


If you're in a bad mood, the Chevrolet FNR-X will switch to a sports chassis and engine modes.

Two years ago, you may remember that Chevrolet presented the radical-looking FNR concept at the Shanghai Auto Show, a futuristic autonomous EV which looked like it belonged in a science fiction film. Now, the automaker is gearing up to unveil a spiritual successor to the FNR at this year’s Shanghai show. Called the FNR-X Concept, a teaser image shows a design that’s somewhat conservative compared to the crazy capsule design of its predecessor, but unlike the original FNR it could potentially go into production.

From the front, the FNR-X (FNR standing for “Find New Roads) looks unmistakably like a Camaro, but it will apparently take the form of a plug-in hybrid SUV with all-wheel drive. Like the FNR Concept, it will feature autonomous driving capabilities and will tailor its performance according to the driver’s mood. So, if the sensors detect that you’re in a bad mood, the car will try to cheer you up by switching to a sports chassis and engine modes. The side mirrors have also also replaced with cameras, which seems to be an obligatory requirement for concept cars. According to CarNewsChina, the production version will be made in China by Shanghai-GM and will be positioned between the Captiva and the Equinox.

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The original FNR Concept was powered by magnetic hubless wheel electric motors, and reports are suggesting that the FNR-X may adopt some of the original’s mechanics. We’re hoping that the FNR-X will retain at least some of the original’s sci-fi-esque features, such as its iris recognition start system and front seats that swivel 180 degrees when driving autonomously. We should find out more at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 21st. The FNR Concept also recently made an appearance in Chevrolet's CG film The Human Race with stunning special effects.