Chevrolet Has Run Out Of Hood Insulation

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Silverado HD and Camaro models are being sold without insulation.

The automotive industry is currently experiencing several parts shortages. In addition to the ongoing semiconductor chip crisis, there's a shortage of rare earth materials and a rumored upcoming shortage of windshields.

Chevrolet can't seem to catch a break and is currently experiencing a hood insulation shortage that will impact the 2023 Chevrolet Silverado HD and 2022/2023 Camaro. The Silverado Work Truck trim is unaffected, as it's sold as standard without hood insulation.

Chevrolet did not announce how long the shortage would last or whether owners would receive a discount. A discount is unlikely, as the part will be retrofitted later at Chevy dealerships.


Production of the models sans insulation kicked off in early June. Chevrolet likely kept these units in reserve until the shortage was resolved, but now it will start to deliver units to dealerships without insulation. This points to a rather significant problem, as Chevrolet has been unable to resolve it for nearly three months.

Chevrolet is not trying to hide the problem, and all models affected will be clearly marked on the window sticker. The Regular Production Option (RPO) Code is what you want to keep an eye out for is R8V.

While this may not seem like a big issue, it is unwelcome on a truck that received four price increases since it went on sale in 2021.


It's also unclear whether Chevrolet produces its own insulation material or whether a third party is responsible. We couldn't track any other cases of insulation shortages, which points to a Chevy-only problem.

You can buy hood insulation directly from General Motors' online parts store, but none are available. GM does not provide a breakdown of the components, but insulation is most commonly made from fiberglass, foam, and sound-dampening mats produced from recycled tires. We did some digging, and the most likely candidate is fiberglass due to an ongoing resin shortage. This appears to be the first time it's affected the automotive industry, but it has significantly impacted smaller businesses, like pool and surfboard manufacturers.


Apart from reducing noise inside the cabin, hood insulation serves multiple purposes. It acts as thermal insulation, keeping the engine warm during colder months and cool during summer months. It also protects the paint from extreme heat, which can cause it to break down and flake.

The idea of hearing that 6.6-liter V8 better might sound appealing, but it will drive you mad after a while. The same goes for the Camaro. Hearing a supercharger whine when you want to is one of life's greatest pleasures, but after three hours on the highway, you'll want to get out and burn the thing to the ground. Keep that in mind when you're playing around with the 2023 Camaro configurator.


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