Chevrolet Having No Problem Moving The Volt


Sales of the Chevy Volt have been strong, and Chevy is increasing production in preparation for new competition from the Prius plug-in.

The Chevy Volt has never been without critics, but sales figures don't lie, and people certainly seem to like the Volt. In fact, world from Chevy is that, apart from a handful still in the hands of dealerships, the Volt is effectively sold out. Chevy is now planning to ramp up production of the Volt, and is setting a sales goal of 10,000 units this year. Given the 4,488 units sold since the Volt's unveiling in December, this seems to be an easily attainable goal.

However, the Volt has yet to face any real competition, since the new plug-in Prius has yet to hit the market. It is likely that the new Prius will be bought by the same sort of people who would buy the Volt, and Chevy's marketing people will have to take some time off from taking potshots at the Nissan Leaf if they want to take on the mighty Prius name. Even when going against the green heavyweights, the Volt has its upsides (not the least of which is that it isn't as ugly), so we're curious to see how this sales battle turns out.

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