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Chevrolet Hopes To Retake Segment With Cheaper 2019 Camaro

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After losing to the Challenger and Mustang, Chevy wants to be back on top.

The Chevy Camaro hasn't had the best couple of years, finishing third in the sales race against the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger in both 2016 and 2017. While the Camaro has been doing well at the high end of the market with the SS and ZL1 models, Ford has been highly successful with its EcoBoost Mustang. Chevy is tired of losing at the low end and is looking to change that for 2019.

Speaking with Automotive News, Al Oppenheiser, chief engineer of the Camaro said, "Frankly, they've been eating our lunch," in reference to the Mustang. "The low [prices] of a four-cylinder - that's where the bulk of the sales are and that's where our pricing strategy needed improvement. We plan to go head to head and win."

Chevy recently announced that the 2019 Camaro will start at $26,495 for the base 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. That is only around $300 more than the base Mustang, but the 2.3-liter Ford EcoBoost engine produces 310 horsepower compared to the Camaro's 275 hp. Chevy hopes that adding a track-focused 1LE package to the four-cylinder Camaro will help appeal to buyers who are looking for a more affordable sports car. The 1LE package adds $4,500 to the price of the car, keeping it in the low $30,000 range.

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Despite being the most recently refreshed among the three American sports cars, Camaro sales have fallen 20% this year. With the new pricing strategy for 2019, Chevy is hoping to steal sales away from buyers who may have otherwise bought a Ford Focus RS, Hyundai Veloster N, Honda Civic Type R, or Kia Stinger.

We aren't the biggest fans of the redesign for the 2019 Camaro, but we think the four-cylinder and V6 models (pictured above) looks more attractive than the V8 SS model (pictured below) with its massive black bar across the grille. Perhaps this will help Chevy sell more entry-level cars instead of halo models like the SS and ZL1.