Chevrolet Is Bringing The Ultimate Turn-Key Drag Racer To SEMA 2016

SEMA 2016

Smoke and thunder always works.

Chevrolet continues to put competitive drag racing within reach of the average Joe with the new Camaro SS Drag Race Development Program and the 2017COPO Camaro. The program shows the quarter-mile capability of thesixth-generation Camaro with concept performance parts designed to support 10-second sprints in aproduction-based model. The COPO Camaro offers a first look at thefactory-built race car program for 2017. A test vehicle was built to mimic the steps amateurracers make with their Camaros.

Engineers have made more than 100 passes down the quarter mile with thedevelopment car, including the evaluation of DOT-approved racing and slicktires and a variety of drivetrain combinations and a high-stall torque convertor. The combination has resulted in improved performance, like a 1.425-second 60-foot time and a 10.685-second quarter at 125.73 mph. These figures are consistent thanks to the eight-speed paddle shift transmission. Gen six Camaro ZL1 parts in the driveline, along with other Chevrolet Performance parts, earned the car the nickname of "Gravedigger" because to date the Chevy team hasn't managed to break it. It continues to be a work in progress and will continually explore new limits.

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The 2017 COPO Camaro show car (no. 1 of just 69) features asupercharged 350, custom Weld racing wheels and a unique “anodized” conceptversion of the production Hyper Blue Metallic paint. The hand-builtcar is designed for NHRA’s Stock Eliminator classes and is on offer with a hostof engines: supercharged and naturally aspirated LS- and LT-familyengines, including a supercharged 350 (5.7-liter), a naturally aspirated 427 (7.0-liter)engine and an LT-based direct-injected 376 (6.2-liter) engine. The engines arebacked by an SFI-approved ATI TH400 three-speed automatic transmission. Time to see one of these updated beasts in action. We hope to see video popping up very, very soon.