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Chevrolet Is Doing Just About Anything To Get Blazer Sales Rolling

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The real question is, why has it been so hard to sell the Blazer in the first place?

The Blazer is Chevy's new mid-sized crossover offering and fits into that lucrative segment between the smaller Equinox and full-sized Traverse models. Sales have been slow in the first three months of 2019 (a mere 3,203 were sold) but according to GM Authority this is mostly due to the fact that production was not yet running at full capacity and nationwide advertising had yet to commence.

Now that Blazers are rolling off the production line in higher volumes, Chevrolet needs to push up the sales numbers for the month of May. That's why it's offering a $2,000 cash allowance on just about every Blazer model.

The offer is open nationwide and unlike a similar deal in April, is not limited only to current competitive owners. That's marketing speak for people who own competing products and is intended to incentivize them to switch over to a Chevrolet.

The cash allowance applies to all Blazer trim levels excluding the base L, which costs $29,995 and is very sparsely equipped. The cheapest Blazer you can buy using this discount is the 1LT trim, which would normally cost you $33,495 but is now $31,495 until the 31st of May.

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The offer is only available in the US and cannot be combined with any special finance or lease deals. While it may not seem like much when applied to the higher spec models like the $41,795 RS and $43,895 Premier, it is about as generous as manufacturers get on newly released models.

Still, with $2,000 in your back pocket you can add extras to certain trims like the Convenience and Driver Confidence Package which includes features like remote start, heated driver and front passenger seats, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic alerts while still saving on the standard pricing.