Chevrolet Issues Stop-Sale for C7 Corvette Stingray; Recall Imminent

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Around 2,800 units affected.

After a year in which the American automaker has issued 67 recalls affecting 29 million cars, GM is poised to issue two more, both for the beloved C7 Corvette Stingray. Chevy dealers have already received a stop-sale notice, as their stock may contain some of the 2800 Vettes potentially affected by one of the two problems. 2,000 cars could be afflicted by the first issue – the driver's side airbag could cause more damage than good in a crash by dislodging upon impact.

A badly installed parking brake is the problem that could be waiting to happen in another 800 Corvettes, most of which are sitting at dealerships. Thankfully only a handful of the recalled units are with customers, and not all will need an actual repair. If they pass an official inspection, they'll be released immediately.

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