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Chevrolet Listened And Will Move The Camaro's Bowtie Logo

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Such a small change makes a big improvement.

When Chevy first revealed the facelifted 2019 Camaro, we noticed a lot of negative comments amongst our readers about how the car looks. One of the biggest points of contention was the new front fascia. People seemed to dislike the placement of the Chevy bowtie on a black bar, which split the front grille into two sections. Chevy responded by releasing a concept for the 2018 SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas with a new color and a new front fascia, which is now being put into production.

The concept was meant to show off a new Camaro color called Shock Yellow, though Chevy also used the car to show off some performance parts and a "concept" front fascia. As it turns out, customers loved the new design and GM Authority reports that Chevy has decided to fast track it into production.

The Camaro will now ditch the black bar and move the Chevy bowtie to the upper portion of the grille. We think this is a decidedly better look than what the car was initially shown with (pictured below).

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Chevy initially wanted the bowtie to be in the crossbar of the Camaro SS because it would be more in line with other cars in the lineup, though the V6 and four-cylinder models didn't have this same emblem placement. Having a uniform lineup is all well and good but none of Chevy's other cars house the bowtie on a black bar, making the emblem look like it is floating in a void. We applaud Chevy for quickly responding to customer feedback; this minor move has made the Camaro a lot better looking.