Chevrolet Looks To 2030 With EN-V Concept


Chevrolet is moving forward with a small, two-person EV, aimed first at teh Chinese market.

Every few weeks, someone who takes it as a personal insult when other people get enjoyment from something they do not understand will smugly suggest that the near future will be a very unpleasant place for automotive enthusiasts. They point out that the world's population is growing at such a rate that cars will soon be unviable, and something else will be needed. Chevrolet has come up with not only the vehicle, but also the date by which it will be needed.

First shown at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the Chevy EN-V (which is only slightly less dignified than riding a tricycle) is meant to address the transportation needs of 2030. Chevy is now reportedly beginning development of the egg-shaped two-person EV in collaboration with Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment. In a press release, Chevy made the claim that the EN-V embodies the concept of freedom, a statement we found hilarious when referring to a vehicle with a range of just 25 miles that is also capable of autonomous operation.

Joking aside, we do understand why a country as crowded and polluted as China would look for an alternative like this. Particularly in the face of a still-expanding automotive market, the situation in places like Linfen is a very serious one. Just the same, that doesn't mean we're looking forward to a future full of these.

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