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Chevrolet Makes An Unusual Offer To Ford Mustang Owners


Is it an offer they can't refuse?

Contrary to reports earlier this summer, the Chevrolet Camaro is not going anywhere. It will continue to be the Ford Mustang’s long-time rival. However, it’s been experiencing a sales slump lately. In the second quarter of this year, sales dropped by 9 percent. Meanwhile, the Mustang continued to be the segment’s best-seller. What can Chevy do to hopefully change the situation? Offer a discount. But this discount is kind of different compared to others coming from automakers. As first reported by GM Authority, Chevy is now offering a $2,500 discount off 2019 Camaro MSRP to Ford Mustang buyers. This offer is good through the end of this month. Of course, there are some restrictions involved, and they are as follows:

• Must be a current owner or lessee of a Ford Mustang for at least 30 days prior to purchase.

• Not available with lease and some other offers.

• Must take new retail delivery by September 3rd, 2019.

Not a Ford Mustang owner? Chevy is offering $500 customer cash instead. Now, the question many might be asking is which Camaro trims are part of this deal? Does it matter? Of course it does, and Chevy is being quite generous in this regard. The applicable 2019 Camaro trims and their MSRPs are the following:

• LS – $25,995

• 1LT – $26,495

• 2LT – $28,495

• 3LT – $31,995

• 1SS – $37,595

• 2SS – $42,995

• 1SE (ZL1) – $62,995

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Do the quick and easy math and a Mustang owner can buy a new Camaro for as little as $23,495, though we highly doubt those individuals would settle for the base LS trim. At the other end of the spectrum, the hardcore Camaro ZL1’s price is reduced to $60,495. Still though, that’s right around the same price as the Mustang Shelby GT350.

For any Ford Mustang owners out there who have considered doing a Benedict Arnold, they can now get paid (kind of) for doing so. Will Ford respond to this offer somehow? Probably not. It simply doesn’t have to because Mustang sales continue to do just fine.