Chevrolet Monza Makes Comeback After Nearly 40 Years

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But it may only be sold in China.

The Chevrolet Monza hasn't been in production since 1980 and was only on sale for five years, but the sporty coupe is making a surprise comeback after a long 38-year hiatus. There is a catch, though.

At the upcoming Guangzhou Auto Show in China, Chevy and General Motors' Chinese partner SAIC-GM, which is responsible for brands like Buck, Chevrolet, and Cadillac, will unveil three new Chevy vehicles. The first will be an extended-wheelbase Malibu XL, while the other will be a brand-new Chevy SUV concept, possibly a new Blazer for China. The third will be the new Monza.

The automaker says the new Monza "inherits the sporty genes of the Chevrolet brand," and provides a "passionate driving experience" but powertrain details and trim options are being withheld until the car's official debut.

For now, Chevrolet has previewed the new Monza with a teaser image showing its aggressive-looking sculpted bumper. It also has an RS badge on the grille, so it should have sporty styling harking back to the original 1970s Monza.

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It isn't clear if the new Monza will be sold in America, but it seems likely that it will be exclusive to the Chinese market. At this point, it also isn't clear which body style the revived Monza will adopt, but we should find out soon as the Guangzhou Auto Show kicks off on November 17.

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