Chevrolet Offering Some Sweet Deals On Corvettes Right Now


You've got until May 1 to act.

Anyone who's shopped and maybe even bought a new Chevrolet Corvette will likely recall there were few special offers or deals offered by the dealership. Despite being popular, the Corvette is still fairly niche by industry standards, so it make sense Chevrolet doesn't treat it like big sellers such as the Cruze and Malibu. But right now, as CarsDirect has pointed out, is an awesome time to buy a new Corvette because GM is offering buyers up to $8,000 in potential savings. Yes, really, and this isn't the first time Chevy has offered Corvette deals.

Beginning this month, GM is offering Corvette buyers a $5,000 bonus for vehicles equipped with the carbon-ceramic brake package. That's an awesome deal because Brembos typically cost $7,495 on a new Corvette Z06. But say you don't want or need Brembo brakes, or even the high-performance Corvette Z06, what else is GM offering? Try a $2,000 loyalty bonus for current Corvette owners. Heck, buyers don't even need to trade in their current Corvette - and the deal can be transferred to members of the same household. Wicked. There's also a $1,000 Bonus Tag on certain new Corvettes that've been sitting on dealership lots for too long.

Let's put it this way: one could buy a new Corvette Z06 right now in the high $70,000 to low $80,000 range, when it normally begins at just under $80,000 with no added features. Bear in mind the cheapest Porsche 911 Carrera only begins at $91,100. If you're interested, act fast because these offers are only good until May 1 2017.


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