Chevrolet Reveals Colorado Rally Truck In Buenos Aires

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Last week at the Buenos Aires International Motor Show, the world was treated to the next-generation of the Chevy pickup complete with a system to quickly replace the air in the cabin. General Motor's South American design team created the Colorado Rally to usher in a new era of trucking. The Colorado Rally features four-wheel drive with 18-inch aluminum rims covered by 305/60R18 tires. The engine is a 2.8-liter turbodiesel which generates enough power to use the 5.5 horsepower winch.


The winch is installed on both the front and rear bumpers with a 23-meter-long (75 ft.) steel cable attached. 4 tons of traction gives the Rally extra grip. It's not all brute power with the Colorado Rally, as the White Pearl paint contrasts with the ash colored interior to give the Rally an aesthetically-pleasing look. The sport seats are accentuated with orange stitching which further complements the look. The Colorado Rally also features a roll cage with a center console geared completely towards racing.

The console comes complete with dials to gauge tire pressure adjustment, a control for the stiffness of the dampers and even one to operate the fire-extinguishers. The Colorado Rally also offers two unique features which separate this truck from the pack. A Hydration Pack keeps the driver and co-pilot hydrated during the race and the Air Boost system quickly replenishes the air in the cabin through the use of a compressed air system. These features make the Colorado Rally a truly awesome truck for the future.

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