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Chevrolet's New C8 Corvette Video Hides Something Special

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What could it be?

The first thing you need to know is that Chevrolet is continuing to reveal tiny details, via its teaser campaign, for the all-new mid-engined C8 Corvette. It's been over a month since the automaker released its first C8 teaser video at around the time it also announced the new Vette's big reveal date, July 18, 2019.

That video opens with Corvette "Godfather" Zora Arkus-Duntov saying "Let's Go," and then we saw several shots of past mid-engined prototypes and various other test vehicles from Chevy's past, spliced with glimpses of the C8 driving by. And now Chevy has released a second C8 teaser video and it's clearly a direct continuation of the first one. How so? It goes back to the first video and shares something "hidden" within those brief cuts.

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It's a bit difficult to decipher everything that's going on exactly, but clearly there's enough there to provide some Easter Eggs. It'd be interesting to see whether hardcore Corvette enthusiasts will pick up on anything. The video's description is as follows: "The Next Generation Corvette teaser video has more than 60 years of mid-engine history and heritage hidden within its 07.18.19 length."

To help figure out what Chevy means here, we've included images of the concepts and other Corvettes hidden in the video. The fact that Arkus-Duntov continues to be a major theme is no longer a mystery; for years he advocated a switch from a front- to a mid-engine design because of the latter's superior engineering and weight balance.

He envisioned the Corvette as a true world-class sports car and going mid-engine was essential. His dream is finally coming true. We're also unsure why Chevy chose the date 07.08.19 for the reveal. We previously hypothesized it could be an already completed Nurburgring lap time. In any case, all questions will be answered in just over a months' time.