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Chevrolet's New Corvette Nearly Broke The Internet

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Well, GM's website anyway.

After decades of mid-engine Corvette rumors and expectation, it finally arrived in spectacular fashion. The avalanche of news, pictures, videos, and opinions from the unveiling of the C8 Corvette Stingray is starting to finally die down while the patient wait for it to go on sale begins. Now the dust has started to settle after the blockbuster unveiling event, there's been time for reflection and dissection over the launch from GM.

According to CNET Roadshow, after speaking with Steve Majoros, director of passenger car and crossover marketing for Chevrolet, the automaker was expecting the immense online response from streaming the live event and launching the configurator. "With a pretty rabid and passionate base, we knew we'd take 24 hours of grief," he said.

That grief came in the form of record numbers for GM, including the 471,000 people that fired up the live stream unveiling of the Corvette. An even more staggering number when we consider that it happened in the evening on the west coast of the US and in the middle of the night on the east coast.

Chevrolet.com's overall traffic records were shattered as well, with the website seeing five times the normal traffic load. Even with the anxious journalists hitting refresh over and over, that's a huge number and a large amount of stress on the servers which, predictably, slowed down.

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A portion of that number is due to the launch of the configurator, which nobody expected to be online during the launch. GM had prepared themselves in case things got wild though.

"The majority of people got the full [configurator] experience, which is the full 3D experience," Majoros told CNET Roadshow, "We do have a way that the system throttles to what we're calling a 2D experience [to speed load time]. Once we hit thresholds, we worked with Amazon Web Services very quickly to double our server capacity."

By the end of July, around 1.3 million people had tried out the C8 Corvette's configurator to build 940,00 cars over 152,000 hours before the beginning of August. And, as CNET Roadshow points out, those are huge numbers considering the C7 Corvette only sold 18,791 units in 2018.