Chevrolet's Sonic Super 4 and Boom Concepts Hit SEMA 2011

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This pair of Chevy Sonics demonstrates the new car's versatility and appeal.

Chevy are bringing a fair few Sonics and Cruzes concepts to SEMA this week, with the Sonic Super 4 race car concept demonstrating the manufacturer's small car performance potential and the Sonic Boom a sound system-based concept delivering high performance of an auditory nature. The Boom was worked on by Kicker who were influenced by the design of jet engines in creating the concept audio system, emulating their style in the shape and positioning of the components.


4,000 Watts of power is delivered via a pair of 15-inch subwoofers and 10 six-inch mid-range speakers, and controlled using a high-tech head unit. A fully customized interior featuring performance seats and racing-inspired flat-bottom steering wheel, and a smart new exterior using an Anodized Sonic Boom Red paintjob, concept Z-spec parts and 19-inch wheels ensures the aesthetics matches the high-performance audio capabilities. In constructing the Sonic Super 4 concept, Chevrolet turned to long-term racing partner Pratt & Miller, who added a racing-modified suspension and a lower restriction intake and exhaust system.

This was done to enhance its on-track performance. A chrome moly roll cage, lowered stance, 18-inch alloys and high-wing spoiler complete the package. "This is an exciting example of Chevy's small-car performance capability," said Jim Campbell, U.S. Vice President, Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. "We are interested in how the Sonic Super 4 concept will be received by the racing community," he added.

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