Chevrolet’s Sports Car War Has Just Hit An All-Time High


Chevrolet Camaro SS is coming after the Corvette.

Despite being from the same automaker, there’s a lot of friendly competition between the Chevrolet Camaro SS and the C7 Corvette. While some enthusiasts may claim that there’s no competition between the two since the Corvette is a proper sports car and the Camaro is a modern muscle car, the two vehicles have a sibling-like rivalry. The competition between the two hit an all-time high when Hennessey Performance dyno tested the new Camaro SS. The tuning company found that the Camaro put down an impressive 431 rear-wheel hp.

For those keeping track, Hennessey Performance tested a stock C7 Corvette and recorded the sports car put down 399 rear-wheel hp, which is less.

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Since the Corvette is lighter, it’s faster and more track-oriented, but it looks like Chevrolet’s baby performance vehicle is more powerful.