Chevrolet Salutes US Troops With Special Camaro SS

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General Motors has announced another special Camaro SS coupe, set to be called the "Honor and Valor" edition. With a planned run of just 99 units, the new edition receives a uniquely painted body kit, a white body stripe, black leather seats, and a special honor badge. The All-American 6.2-liter V-8 remains and buyers can choose between either a manual or automatic transmission. The Honor and Valor edition will make its official debut at the Indy 500 military personnel parade on May 28th.

GM has also announced that they will be expanding the military discount it currently gives to active service members. For the month of May, the discount will be made available to retirees of all military branches along with their spouses. The discount will take off between $500 to $4,000 from a vehicle's MSRP. Those who also buy a new Chevrolet this month can have a dealer-installed "Honor" badge affixed to their new car. The automaker will also donate $100 for each person who takes advantage of the discounts to Cell Phones for Soldiers, which is a nonprofit group helping deployed soldiers call home for free.

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