Chevrolet Shares More Details And New Images Of Gorgeous FNR-XE Concept

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We really hope this makes it to America.

General Motors has shared additional details about the striking FNR-XE concept, unveiled in November.

According to SAIC-GM (a joint venture that allows for the manufacturing of GM vehicles in China), the "FNR" portion of the name stands for "Find New Roads," while the "X" and "E" represent the company's never-ending search for new ideas and the Ultium electric drivetrain, respectively.

Unfortunately, the automaker has yet to share details about the FNR-XE's performance abilities. At the unveiling, we surmised that the svelte sedan would adopt a similar setup to the new Equinox EV, which will be made available with front- and all-wheel drive configurations and varying power outputs.

General Motors China

While we wait on technical details to be provided, the manufacturer has, at least, shared additional images of the striking concept. Pictured in the daylight, we get to take in the beautiful lines of the sedan. The coupe-style roofline, finished in contrasting black, adds to the upmarket demeanor.

A particularly nice feature is how the roof line and rear windscreen extend past the doors, reminding us of the equally sleek Volkswagen Arteon and similarly styled sedans. Prominent rear fenders feature a distinctive flare that gives the car a wide and authoritative stance from the rear.

Up front, the FNR-XE has clearly been inspired by the existing Camaro but has been modernized and given a distinctive look. The turbine-style wheels are rather stunning as well.

General Motors China
General Motors China

As a reminder, the FNR-XE made its debut at the GM China Tech Day 2022, where the joint partnership announced it would introduce as many as 15 new EVs in The People's Republic by 2025. Like the Cadillac Lyriq and other new GM electric vehicles, the new sedan will be based on the brilliant Ultium platform.

Whether it arrives in the United States remains to be seen, but we're not holding out much hope - at the reveal, Chevy said the concept serves as a preview of the next generation of EVs developed for the Chinese market. However, there's always a possibility that it could wind up on American roads.

GM's Mark Reuss recently described a new sedan that sounds a lot like the FNR-XE. "It's a 'Car-D' primarily for the Chinese market, and we'll see the desirability as we clinic this. It would undoubtedly be an excellent replacement for the Malibu.

General Motors China
General Motors China
General Motors China
General Motors China
General Motors China

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