Chevrolet Sonic Fitted With 403-HP Chevy LS3 Engine


This LS swapped rally-spec 'Super' Sonic should be epic.

The Chevrolet Sonic is a fairly unexceptional compact car that can eventually be persuaded to deliver an almighty 138 horsepower to its front wheels if you really get aggressive with the throttle pedal. Sure, there is a place for such a thing in the automotive hierarchy, but we much prefer the variant that Pat Moro and his team at PMR Motorsportshave created.

Using a standard Sonic hatchback as a base, they dumped the pitiful four-banger that was cringing under the hood and replaced it with a Chevy LS3 crate engine instead. Now details of the Super Sonic (we came up with that name all by ourselves) are thin on the ground but a standard LS3 produces 430 hp and a healthy 425 lb ft of torque, that's almost 300 hp more than before and seeing as this is a stripped-out rally car, the power is delivered to all four wheels too.

That should provide the kind of savage get up and go that would send your average Sonic driver straight back to the dealer demanding a full refund. Unveiled at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indiana a week ago, Pat is intending to compete in the American Rally Association series with the Super Sonic and while it is a one-off build for now, we can see a lot of interest in this crazy little V8 hatchback if it performs as expected on the rally stages.

The car also features a widebody kit, rally-spec suspension and a stripped out interior complete with roll cage. The LS3 motor should be a rather good (if very tight) fit for the Sonic as it is both reliable and easily tuneable if the regulations allow for more power.

Even unmodified, it will undoubtedly provide this Sonic with the kind of pace required to take on just about anything the competition is going to turn up with.


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