Chevrolet Speedometer Evolution

In celebration of Chevrolet's 100th anniversary, here's a compilation of their speedometer designs over the years.

We just came across these really cool visuals from web and graphic designer Christian Annyas showcasing the design evolution of Chevrolet speedometers through the years. Beginning back in 1941 with the Chevrolet truck, we can see how one of the America's most beloved automotive brands changed their speedometer designs in a time period spanning some 70 years. And now as Chevy celebrates their 100th anniversary, it's important to reflect on their influence to countless cars, trucks and vans.

Many times we don't pay much attention to speedometer designs and see them solely as a gauge of speed and not from a design perspective. Overall, the design hasn't drastically changed over the years, with the exception of the new 2011 Sonic's digital stopwatch look.

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